At Karachi Urban Lab, our research locates Pakistan's ongoing local and regional transformations in urban spaces, municipal politics and everyday livelihood systems. We examine the "urban" as a shifting and contentious frontier that simultaneously encompasses and peripheralizes places, and as a critical zone of experiment, engagement and dense "life."


As both large metropolitan centers and 'small towns' continue to take shape, they generate unparalleled ecological imprints on those who reside in them as well on their hinterlands; they also confront extensive challenges of pollution, inadequate transport, water supply, energy and sanitation, as well affordable housing and congested informal settlements.


Even though the transformation of Pakistani cities into livable, sustainable and just environments presents a challenge for governments, policymakers and resident communities, it also presents opportunities for academics and researchers to re-imagine the contemporary urban context in new ways. At KUL our projects are collaborative, involving community members, activists, policymakers, and local and international academics."