Land, Governance and Gendered Politics of Displacement in Urban Pakistan

In millennial Karachi, holding on to land and homes and accessing public space for labor, has become a vital struggle. Land displacement is an increasing, and sometimes constant, source of anxiety for the urban poor and marginalized communities.

  • urban violence
  • housing
  • land


Cool Infrastructures: Life with Heat in the Off-Grid City

Cool Infrastructures is a three-year research project that aims to enhance our understanding of the social and technical infrastructures for cooling in contexts of urban poverty across South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Sub Saharan Africa.

  • climate crisis
  • cities
  • global warming


Online Screening of documentary ‘Life Cycle’

On 9th Feb 2021 the Karachi Urban Lab hosted a screening and panel discussion of the film "Life Cycle" which ethnographically and visually documents the everyday use of bicycles among Kolkata’s city dwellers. The film's director, Dr Malini Sur, investigates how cycling mediates people’s changing relationships to cities in South Asia. Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), the largest city in eastern India, is the primary focus of Life Cycle.

  • Infrastructure
  • Urbanisation
  • south asia