Tell Me How You See It: Dialogues for Gender Inclusive Mobility

Karachi team: Dr Nausheen H Anwar, Eisha Shakeel, BA student, Department of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts, IBA; Tazeen Shaikh, MA student, NED University of Engineering & Technology.

This project is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAF), Frontiers of Engineering Grant, United Kingdom.

Women’s mobility and liberty is deeply affected by the design of public space they travel through in cities in both the developed and developing countries. Indeed, it is here that the majority of sexual harassment occurs but often goes unreported and unaddressed. Furthermore, engineers designing this infrastructure are not able to adequately include a gender perspective in their designs. The goal of ‘Tell Me How You See It’ is to develop a workbook and checklist to support those designing mobilities infrastructure to include a gender perspective. It will provide a suite of opportunities for dialogue between people and disciplines with diverse expertise and experiences related to urban mobility that will co-create gender sensitive infrastructure solutions that can be scaled and replicated in different locations.

The project is led by an international network of students at UCL London, University of Cape Town and the Karachi Urban Lab, (IBA), Karachi, and coming from various disciplines that are responsible for the different elements of mobilities and public space. Each group will analyse typical transport situations within their respective cities and women’s use of them. They will exchange views on improvements and existing challenges, as a local group but also between the different locations. A bespoke auditing tool, built on the Safetipin platform, will be created to support the project’s auditing needs. The analysis will be presented to the wider expert group through two key workshops and will be distilled into a practical tool cities and engineers (a workbook and checklist) that will be validated in a second virtual workshop.